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With over thirty years' involvement in strategy planning and media buying for international ad. campaigns, Fox Media has all the skills, knowledge, contacts and experience to ensure that your North American campaign is planned and implemented successfully, whatever your spend level. You'll find our full contact details here.

Wherever you are in the world, we look forward to hearing from you!
North America, already well established as the most advanced media marketplace in the world, is leading the charge in a digital revolution which is overthrowing old-established structures and patterns of consumer behaviour. Fox Media offers a cost-effective planning and buying service which will help you to get the most out of this vibrant market.

For decades the TV landscape in the US was dominated by the 'big three' networks - ABC, CBS and NBC - and in Canada by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). But now these giants of the TV market are fighting wars on several fronts. Cable and satellite channels continue to launch, develop, and steal revenue and share of viewers.

Cable has achieved about 70% household penetration in the US, with hundreds of cable channels now accounting for some 60-65% of viewing. Digital cable is established in around a quarter of cable homes. Canada also has high take-up of cable services, with many pay channels and specialist services.


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As TV audiences fragment, they also break away into alternative media choices like online and mobile, and use PVR technology - such as TiVo - to eliminate ads. and provide personalised viewing menus.

TV airtime buying in the US centres on the late summer period where upfront commitment is made for the coming year. Most airtime is allocated at this time.

Media in Canada must cater for its two official languages: English is the main language of around 60% of the population, with French being the language of choice for just under a quarter of the population and a mix of other languages making up the balance.

Canada boasts some 2,000 radio stations, many of which are commercial. In the USA the figure exceeds 10,000, with virtually every taste catered for in the major cities.

So huge is the US that there are few truly national daily newspapers. On the other hand there are in excess of 1,500 daily newspapers most serving regional or local marketplaces.

For more details about our international media planning and buying services call Richard Fox direct from the UK on 01354 696961 or on +44 1 354 696961 from outside the UK.

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