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Most other media agencies confine their sponsorship planning and buying services to broadcast and print media ...

We view the vast range of sponsorship properties available in sectors such as charities, the arts and sport as representing an opportunity to add a different dimension to media activity.

Our close association with uksponsorship.com Ltd., a sister company to Fox Media, which operates The UK Sponsorship Database (see www.uksponsorship.com), gives us unrivalled intelligence about current sponsorship availability across the entire spectrum.

This means that where appropriate we can make recommendations of both media- and non-media related sponsorship properties as part of an overall marketing plan.

Clearly the role of media sponsorship is becoming more important and will become

even more significant in the future. Product placement and the rapid growth in mobile TV usage, for instance, are just two of the developments which will bring even more focus onto the power of TV sponsorship.

But other forms of sponsorship can also be brought into the realm of advertising and media planning. Opportunities to ramp up - via media activity - the visibility of a client's sponsorship of an arts, sports or charity property can be used strategically in the 'leveraging' of a client's total marketing expenditure.

So, if requested to do so, we are happy to plan and implement the leveraging of a sponsorship programme via such media activity.

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Note: uksponsorship.com Ltd. is a sister company of Fox Media

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