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Fox Media offers media planning and buying services covering all newspaper press and magazine sectors.

We handle press campaigns in all major markets, dealing with international, national, regional, local and trade publications.

There are well over 10,000 regularly-published press publications on offer in the UK alone. According to WAN data, more than half a billion people buy a daily newspaper worldwide.

Our approach to these huge markets is always to monitor key current developments with our clients' objectives in mind.

We develop newspaper and magazine campaign plans that maximise visibility and response - and then buy the space at highly competitive discounts.

So, whether you're a client or an agency, if you're planning to run a press advertising campaign, we really should be talking.

We constantly track changes in circulations, readerships and rates.

Only by doing so can we be certain that we are offering clients best value schedules. We make use of cost-ranks, computer-based schedule analyses and a wide range of other planning tools in making our recommendations.

In buying space, we advise on contract versus short-term buying strategies. We routinely deliver very high discounts and negotiate at all times to achieve the best possible positions within publications.

For branding and awareness building campaigns, context can be all-important. In such cases, we work closely with creatives to provide the most appropriate editorial environment in newspaper, magazine and trade press titles.

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