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Fox Media offers comprehensive media planning and buying services for local and regional advertising.

We know the factors which need to be taken into account when planning and buying local ad. campaigns, having handled a wide range of accounts in sectors such as retail, entertainment, travel and tourism, utilities and automotive.

We can advise on how to maximise media impact when launching regional campaigns and how to select the most cost-effective media options from within the crowded local media marketplace.

We have the skills, the experience and the resources to design and implement successful local media campaigns on your behalf, whether in the UK or on an international basis.

Local press media are very strong, very well established, in almost all areas of the UK. But there is significant variation in

quality, readership profiles and cost-efficiency - we can provide detailed guidance. Local websites - including those offered by newspapers - can often offer cost-effective visibility.

Increasingly, television is available in 'micro-areas' which can make it surprisingly viable as a local option. Good examples of this are the Anglia, Meridian and Yorkshire areas.

Local radio can be particularly powerful where cost:value analysis is undertaken to identify prime high value slottings. Radio often combines well with posters to maximise localised visibility. We also make selective use of leaflet drops, mailings and other tactical, targeted media to provide support in 'hotspots'.

Our thorough, analytical approach ensures that our clients' local and regional campaigns achieve the objectives set for them.

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