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Fox Media can demonstrate the targeting benefits and creative scope offered by the range of loose inserts options  -  and can then implement the planned campaign cost-effectively, both in UK and internationally.

There's much more to inserts nowadays than single sheets randomly inserted into a newspaper or magazine.

The range of insert formats used by advertisers and able to be offered by many media has increased considerably over the past few years. The medium has come of age and can be assessed realistically as a viable candidate for both branding and promotional purposes.

Whether used to localise a national message or to provide tactical, targeted support on a specific day to a national promotion, the insert medium can be an important component of a wider campaign and one that Fox Media will always consider when planning advertising campaigns for its clients.

Technological advances have opened up new insert opportunities in areas such as catalogues, bound and loose 'outserts', CD cover mounts, tailor-made Post-It Notes, concertinas, polybag printing, sachets, laminated material and many other innovative variations on the theme of loose and bound-in inserts.

And the frequent objection to inserts as an ad. medium - that they are irrelevant and immediately consigned to the bin - sounds less and less convincing.

Fox Media offer media planning and buying services which can help you get the most out of inserts.

Contact us today - and we'll show you.

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Marketers fail to make connection between inserts and online: new study
Inserts are being de-valued as marketers fail to acknowledge their ability to generate a significant online response, according to the DMA Inserts Council, a think tank comprising some of the industry's leading practitioners.

Research commissioned by the council shows that an average of 52 per cent of responses to inserts went online, with some advertisements prompting an online response as high as 70 per cent.

The research, which is the first of its kind, measured the percentage of insert responses which go online and how this differs by client sector and magazine type.

The results were taken from over four million inserts sent out by a pool of five clients representing diverse industry sectors.

All the inserts were in the same A5 format and were carried in a wide range of titles including newspaper colour supplements, TV magazines, women's weeklies and third party book clubs.

Of all the commercial sectors, cosmetic surgery prompted the largest online response with 70 per cent of respondents turning to the web for more information. This was followed by toy retailer inserts which resulted in 58 per cent of responses going online and the charity which recorded a 27 per cent online response.

Inserts in the majority of titles led to a high percentage of respondents going online. In terms of web response, a clear link was apparent both to a title's readership and to its website's level of usage and longevity.


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