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Direct mail
Fox Media can quickly devise the best media strategy for your direct mail activity.

With direct mail now making up over half of all the items of mail received by the average UK consumer in a week, it is more important than ever before to source mailing lists that minimise wastage.

We employ a variety of techniques to tailor list selection and purchase to the client's specific objectives. We know where to source highly-targetable B2B and B2C mailing lists covering both UK and global prospects and use a wide range of analysis techniques both pre-launch and at the review stage.

Propensity modelling can help to identify lists which have the greatest potential to produce good response levels - more importantly they can allow for the grouping of individuals within such lists to create 'segments' or 'cells' who can receive specially targeted material.

The same principles can also be applied to areas such as e-mail and mobile marketing, though additional potential benefits here are interactivity and often much lower costs.

Whilst legislation such as - in the UK - the Data Protection Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations needs to be adhered to, there is still enormous scope for effective implementation of direct mail campaigns.

Fox Media advises its clients on the use of direct mail where appropriate; undertakes analysis to identify lists offering the highest potential; and purchases the lists at the lowest possible cost.

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