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With over thirty years' involvement in strategy planning and media buying for international ad. campaigns, Fox Media has all the skills, knowledge, contacts and experience to ensure that your South American campaign is planned and implemented successfully, whatever your spend level. You'll find our full contact details here.

Wherever you are in the world, we look forward to hearing from you!
Socio-political factors are key considerations in the South American media scene. In this complex media situation, Fox Media's buying contacts and previous experience can be invaluable.

In some Latin American countries democracy holds sway and both the people and the media are free to express their views. In others, there are harsh governmental regimes or the rule of the mob, with violence and intimidation being the order of the day. But against this background, literacy levels (with a few exceptions) are surprisingly high.

Of all the world's continents, Latin America has the fastest growing internet penetration and consumption of online video. The Latin American pay TV market has been booming over the last 4-5 years and there are now approximately 56 million pay TV subscribers in LatAm, with the highest penetration in Argentina (84%) and Colombia (83%).

Brazil is the continent's largest media marketplace and since the ceding of power by a military regime in 1985 it has moved forward as a modern democracy, albeit with a very large financial gap between its country's rich and poor. Brazil's newspapers are free to express a range of opinions, with significant circulation levels being achieved by a spectrum of press titles from the influential conservative paper O Estado de Sao Paulo to the left-wing daily Folha de Sao Paulo, the latter boasting the country's largest circulation.

The continent's largest country has a well developed broadcast media marketplace, with thousands of radio stations and many hundreds of television channels. Commercial television is popular, though ownership is concentrated in the hands of a small number of large groups, such as Globo.


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Argentina, with over 150 daily newspapers and a wide range of broadcast media on offer, is another advanced country in terms of media availability. Here too, though, ownership is highly concentrated. Currently Argentina boasts South America's highest household penetration of cable television. Having said that, cable's growth in South America as a whole has slowed dramatically recently, owing to a combination of many factors, including economic downturn, government over-regulation and piracy - with Argentina's cable market being amongst the worst hit.

Uruguay has a thriving economy and a healthy and growing tourist trade. Media availability is good - there are over a hundred daily and weekly newspapers and copious radio and TV stations. But neighbours Paraguay and Venezuela are wracked by poverty. And where there is poverty there is often media censorship or other forms of governmental control designed to limit political unrest. This is perhaps most clearly the case in Bolivia and Colombia.

Bolivia is the poorest country in Latin America, with 63% of older people living in poverty. 13% of the population is illiterate, though this figure rises to 47% of older people overall - with obvious implications for advertising campaigns! In Colombia, drug trafficking, bombings, murder, kidnapping, extortion and hijacking are all rife throughout the country, with at least three major armed groups (most notably FARC) targeting wealthy residents and foreign tourists alike. The government has ceded control of small parts of the country to FARC, which is able to use radio broadcasts to spread its message.

For more details about our international media planning and buying services call Richard Fox direct from the UK on 01354 696961 or on +44 1 354 696961 from outside the UK.

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    Some 41% of the region's affluent population now own all three of the main digital devices: a tablet, a smartphone and a PC/laptop.

    The region's citizens are known to number amongst the heaviest users of social media in the world. The affluent population is no different, with 94% having visited a social networking site over the past month.

    But this digital savviness has not made Latin Americans any less likely to consume media on traditional platforms. They spend almost an hour reading printed newspapers and magazines and more than two hours watching television.

    They are also citizens of the world. More than half speak at least two languages, 85% watch international TV channels and almost half read international newspapers and magazines.

Source: Ipsos Affluent Survey of Latin America, December 2013

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