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Bonus tracks

Here's some more free original music, plus some music videos :)

This first tune is my tribute to an amazing young US singer/songwriter, Clare Means. Clare has established a truly massive online following.

She has already produced nine great albums, including her latest, the highly acclaimed Sidewalk Astronomy - for more on this, see her website. Many of us are so keen on Clare's music that we call ourselves the Clare Bears, with a Facebook group to match! So ... here's my tribute song, Ballad of the Clare Bears:

Video version:



Here's a number about that feeling you may have had occasionally when you just don't know what to do to make your lover happy. Whatever you do, it feels like a Shortcut to Nowhere!

Video version:



I suppose Best Be Gone sounds like my attempt at a country and western song, though it didn't start out that way. And I suppose the video is here under false pretences, as the song is included in my Through To You album ...

Video version:



This next one is a song I wrote many moons ago. The young lady in question was giving me and the guys at the disco a hard time ... so I went home and wrote A Friend Indeed about her straight away!


Finally, here's a tune inspired by a street preacher in London. My friends and I didn't really go along much with his Bible talk; but, over the months, as we sat outside the pub on the corner of Poland Street and Great Marlborough Street, supping our real ale, we came to admire his tenacity, deep belief and passion. Eventually, Josie became more of a friend than an annoyance. But ... suddenly ... he was nowhere to be seen. All kinds of rumours began circulating. Then we found out what had happened to him ... :(

This one is a fairly recent composition of mine, called Fall In Love Again ...



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